Customer Service Chatbot

Customer service chatbot, no code required

Customer Service Chatbot

Neo answers customers for you 24/7, recognizes phone numbers, and gives a personal greeting for instant relief. When unknown customers text, Neo asks for their name and adds them to your directory, so he can greet them the next time!

Instant Response

Neo the bot alleviates the stress of customers wondering “will anyone read my message?” and eliminates the feeling of being left behind.

Saves You Money

You don’t need to hire more reps or outsource customer service. Our customer service chatbot will help you do more with less staff!


You can personalize the whole experience with your own branding and choose what questions should be asked. No code needed!

Built to Save Time

Neo the bot allows you to improve your customer service response time thanks to personalized templates.

Recognizes Customers

Neo the bot is not here to replace you: he recognizes phone numbers to provide a personal greeting and an instant response to your customers 24/7.

Super Affordable

Using our messaging assistant is by far the most affordable automated customer service solution on the market today.

How to use our Customer Service Chatbot

Customer service chatbot in 3 simples steps.

1. Broadcast a text to current customers

“Hi there, here is our new customer service phone number. Save it in your phone and text us anytime!”

2. Let unknown customers text Neo

When unknown customers text, Neo asks for their name and adds them to your directory, so he can greet them the next time :)

3. Write your own script

Neo is built in by default but you can also create your own script to personalize your conversations with prospects and customers!

Customer Service Chatbot Video Tutorial

Customer Service Chatbot use cases

Automated customer service to save time and money

Qualify leads automatically

Personalize the script you want Neo (chatbot customer service) to follow when prospects text you. It will help you qualify them and generate more business!

Greet people automatically

When the customer service chatbot recognizes customers based on their phone numbers, it greets them instantly, and you retain more customers by building trust with them.

Provide instant response 24/7

Customers loooove getting an instant response to their text. After the bot responds, you can answer manually at any time and continue the dialogue.

More than a customer service chatbot

Yes you can use our customer service chatbot with Askneo, but there is more to us than just a messaging assistant. Our chatbot for customer service is an entire instant customer service suite designed so you can simplify customer engagement. Our technology packs advanced texting features into one simple customer care solution.

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