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Askneo - Increase bookings & convert more

Increase sales & convert more

Askneo - Broadcast offers and announcements

Broadcast offers and announcements

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Send URLs to book appointments

Askneo - Build relationships with clients

Build relationships with clients

Askneo - Develop your brand

Develop brand

Askneo - Keep your personal number private

Keep personal number private

1. Pick your number

Pick your local phone number with your favorite area code (US & Canada numbers only).

Nick the trainer

"I am a fitness trainer in New York so I picked a (917) number. I love it because it reflects me, where I live, where I train, where I help people reach their goals. Before Neo, I had to give my personal phone number to my clients, and I could never really unplug from work. I always wanted to answer clients or prospects right away, even in situations where I shouldn’t look at my phone. With Neo, it’s easy to separate my work from my personal time. I can also keep my personal number private!"

2. Display it online

Show your business phone number on your website, social media platforms, and all marketing material. If you have a physical space as well, display it on premises such as the front desk.

Nick the trainer

"I typically receive between 50 and 60 inquiries a week. Prospects and returning clients text me to book a session, or to ask about their training plan. People are asking me more and more about nutrition as well, because they understand that the way they eat is an integral part of reaching their goals. I also receive compliments on my online training and videos sometimes, and it feels great!"

3. Customize your brand

Customize Neo with your own vibe to reflect your personal brand. Neo the bot is the first responder to customers who are texting you for the first time. By default, Neo asks for the texter’s name, how to help, and thank them. Asking for the texter’s name is important since Neo will automatically save this information into your CRM to save you time! Step 1: Greeting + Ask for texter’s name Step 2: Call to action Step 3: Thank you / Keep texting if needed / Add a picture Coming soon: SMS shortcodes and full-on scripts to personalize offers even more!

Nick the trainer

"Step 1: Hey it’s Nick, your personal trainer! I’m super excited to meet you, what’s your name?
Step 2: How can I help today? If you need to book an appointment with me, here is the link:
Step 3: Thank you! I’ll get back to you ASAP, and you can keep texting if needed!"

4. Upload your list

You can add your customers and clients one by one, or upload a full list of them. Only individuals with a valid phone number will be uploaded by Neo. Make sure to send a CSV or Excel file. You can include a column for Tags if you want the segmentation to appear automatically into the Customer Directory.

Nick the trainer

"I entered my clients’ information one by one at the beginning. But now I realize that most of my clients and prospects texted organically from my Instagram account. I love posting on social media, but it feels too one-directional sometimes. I love Neo because people can text me and I can answer manually, human-to-human. It’s more authentic!"

5. Tag by segment

Tags are a powerful tool to segment your audience and keep organized. It is also a great tool to help you broadcast to certain groups of people only. You can tag contacts one by one in the Feed and Directory, or do it by group in the Directory by selecting multiple contacts first. You can create as many tags as you want, and make sure to pick a color by clicking on the little circle!

Nick the trainer

"I typically tag my clients by: VIP, Muscle, Strength, Cardio, etc. "

6. Broadcast offers

Whether you upload a list of existing clients or wait for people to text you organically, all of your audience appear in your Customer Directory. In the Feed, click on Broadcast. By default, the message will be sent to your entire Directory, unless you select one or several Tags.

Nick the trainer

"I send a weekly text to my VIP clients on Monday, to motivate them and keep them engaged. They love getting a text from me when they start the work week! I broadcast different coupon codes and offers to my Strength, Muscle and Cardio clients respectively. The conversion rate is way higher than any email campaign I did before. My clients are only getting SMS that are relevant to them, plus it feels personal. Plus, clients can answer my messages to ask questions or book a session."

7. Reply

When you see the blue dot, it means there is a new message. Click on the conversation, and hit “reply”! If you have some staff and would like to collaborate on clients’ conversations, you can invite as many staff members as you want on your Neo platform. Once they accept your invitation, Neo turns automatically into a shared inbox!

Nick the trainer

"With 2 friends we plan to open our own gym! One is a yoga teacher, the other is a cardio specialist. So last week I invited them to my Neo as staff members, so we can all collaborate and answer questions together. I love the shared inbox and the tags! Now each one of us takes care of answering specific questions related to a specific client’s goal :)"