Who we are


We are a team of passionate individuals including software engineers, data scientists, marketing and business developers. We believe company culture has an impact on customers' happiness. The way a company treats its employees has an impact on customers' satisfaction, and creating a personal relationship with customers is key to having a positive impact on the world. We started at the Columbia Startup Lab in New York, graduated from the Techstars NYC accelerator, and are now part of the JVP Hub ecosystem.

Why we built askneo


Our founder lived in France, Spain, Switzerland and the US, and traveled to 50+ countries. Wherever he went, he has always found that texting was the best way to communicate with friends and new people met along the way. Yet communicating with companies via text was impossible. Most companies have a frustrating customer service forcing us to call, wait on hold, worry about a call back, get transferred several times, or use an online chat not knowing whether or not we can navigate away from the window. That is why we built askneo: to simplify customer engagement for everyone, and help small businesses build a more personal relationship with customers at scale.

How we make a difference


Leveraging the power of texting, we simplify customer engagement and bring peace of mind to small businesses. Here is an example:

Josh is looking for a new swimsuit for the summer. He found one he loved on a swimsuit company website. He is hesitant, wondering how good their customer service is, and how easy it would be to return it if need be. Josh doesn't like calling, and hates waiting on hold. "Text us at this number with any questions!" Josh's face lights up. No need to call, no waiting, no app to download, no login, no email spam! Josh immediately sends an SMS to the company

Josh and the company opened a direct flow of communication via texting, building trust instantly.