Convert Customers from TikTok

Get a phone number for your business where prospects can text you and display it on TikTok. Businesses and influencers who text with their TikTok audience get a 99% opening rate and close up to 20 times more deals on day 1.

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Convert your audience to customers from TikTok

Whether you have a large follower base on TikTok, or are simply looking for a way to engage with your TikTok audience in a better, faster and more personal way, you came to the right place! It takes only 2 minutes to get a business phone number with Askneo, and less than 5 minutes to get started!

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TikTok Profile

Display your business phone number on your main page so people can text you. This is far more personal than TikTok chat, and people actually open their SMS several times a day.

TikTok Group Chats

Tell your fellow group members they can text you, especially at the end of a group message. It shows how much you care, how personal you are, and how serious you are about the group.

TikTok Comments

When a conversation turns negative, ask the person to text you so you can personally solve the issue. No need to do laundry in public!

TikTok for Business

If you are using TikTok for your business, getting a texting phone number with Askneo is crucial. You need to build trust outside of TikTok, as if you were giving away your personal number to your leads. Best way to close deals faster!

TikTok Post

When you post an image, a video, a text, or a combination of these content supports, make sure to conclude your post by mentioning your business number such as: “Suggestions? Questions? Text me to (917)...”

TikTok Messages

No business leader can spend 24/7 of their time on TikTok inbox. No lead or customer can wait or go back to check the chat regularly for a hypothetical response. Set up an auto response such as “Want a faster answer? Text us to (917)...”, and get their phone number!

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How to Convert Customers from TikTok

Convert customers from TikTok in 3 easy steps

1. Pick

Pick your desired phone number by signing up with Askneo. It takes 2 minutes and you can pick any local number that reflects best your business or service!

2. Show

Display your phone number everywhere online and on social media, including at the top of your TikTok page, in your message signatures, and at the end of every main post or group post.

3. Engage

Whether you already have a list of contacts coming from TikTok or not, you can upload lists of phone numbers who have already opted in at any time with Askneo. Send special offers and exclusive content by SMS to your TikTok audience with Neo!

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Why use TikTok + Askneo to generate more sales


Trust, intimacy, return on investment


The only difference between making a sale and losing a customer is how much trust you built with them. Askneo makes building trust easy and fast out of TikTok!


Texting with customers coming from TikTok is like texting your best friend. Neo is the most intimate way to communicate, yet the best way to keep your personal phone number private.


Displaying a phone number on TikTok and TikTok Premium reduces friction to a minimum, and allows you to Increase your ROI almost instantly.

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"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than converting customers from TikTok


Askneo is much more than a simple phone number to display on your TikTok profile. Askneo is the most reliable and intuitive interface to build trust with your customers. Askneo includes automation tools, SMS Keywords, a Smart CRM, an SMS chat bot, a robust Bulk SMS tool with segmentation by Tags, and much more!

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Still have questions?

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