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“We are Neo, on a mission to turn boring customer engagement into mind-blowing experiences.

We are building Neo to help consumer brands connect with their audience
human-to-human, by providing hyper-personalized customer experiences at scale, thanks to multimedia texting, intelligent assistants and automation.

Pretty ironic, we know... Team Neo is keeping you sane every day!”

How it works

1. Customize your brand avatar

2. Broadcast messages and images

3. Chat 1:1 and watch your sales skyrocket!

Drive Sales with Broadcast

Drive sales like never before by broadcasting personalized SMS marketing campaigns. The current record ROI is 200X in 5 days using Neo!

Convert More with H2H

Convert more by responding to customers human-to-human (H2H) at scale. Build trust with prospects with authentic 2-way conversations.

Spread your Vibe with Neo the Bot

Spread your vibe by customizing Neo the bot and scripts. So when prospects text, they get an immediate response from you!

Schedule Offers with SMS Keywords

Schedule offers and automate replies with SMS Keywords and phrases. Perfect for holiday seasons and special occasions!

Segment your Audience with Tags

Upload existing customer lists and create your own Tags to segment your audience. Use Tags to Broadcast specific messages to one or several groups.

Save Time with Neo’s CRM

Neo records the name and phone number of unknown prospects into the CRM when they text you for the first time. It saves you a ton of time and keeps you organized with no effort.

Collaborate with the Shared Inbox

Collaborate with team members, assign and filter conversations to become super-efficient.

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