Get closer to your customers through texting

Neo's texting assistant and shared inbox help you provide the most efficient and authentic customer experience.

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Before Neo

Your customers are not happy because...

  • they had to call

  • they waited on hold

  • they worried about a call back

  • they got transferred 3 times

  • they had to reset their password to log in

  • they kept staring at the online chat

  • they read an excruciating FAQ

Why is texting the best?


75% of customer traffic is done on mobile


85% of customers love SMS over email/call


98% of SMS get opened

With Neo

Your customers are

texting you and are

not worried about their

place in line.

They're happy and

definitely doing more

business with you!

How it works


Get your free phone number from us


Display it on your website & social media


Start texting with customers!

Neo the bot is your first responder

Neo answers customers for you 24/7, recognizes their phone number, and gives them a personal greeting for instant relief. When unknown customers text, Neo asks for their name and adds them to your directory, so he can greet them the next time :)

Shared inbox to save time & money

Collaborate with team members, organize, assign and filter tickets all in one place.

Conversation threads to build trust

Answer customers personally, access full conversation history and continue where you left off.

SMS marketing to cut through the noise

Cut through the noise of cluttered emails! Broadcast offers, announcements and questions to your customers.

Analytics & privacy: you own your data

Get access to your data, from business performance to the prevalence of certain tickets and questions. We will never sell or share your data with third parties. Your data remains private with us.

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Askneo is a dream come true! We just displayed the phone number on our website and customers started texting!

Shaked at GSD Advisers, New York

NYC 2019 Cohort

Neo helps small businesses get closer to their customers through texting.

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