Customer Service Texting

Customer service texting, fast and easy.

Customer Service Texting

Simple, fast and online customer service texting. With Askneo you don't need any previous customer service experience to use our simple SMS customer service. With our powerful customer service software, you will be able to text between customers and staff in seconds. Perfect for small teams and growing businesses.

Easy and fast

Texting customer service is the best way to allow customers to contact you easily, whether they are already customers or just prospects.

Works everywhere

Manage SMS customer service tickets from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Sending SMS to computers has never been easier!

Made for mobile

Most web traffic happens on mobile devices. Retain more customers with the best mobile customer service ever made!

Live SMS support

Text our number and see for yourself! Texting customer support has never been simpler! (917) 451-5515.

Built for customer success

Customers love texting. No app or login necessary! SMS is personal, reliable, and happens in the palm of their hand.

More than texting

Our SMS for customer service software is a full suite of customer care tools to delight your audience.

How to enable customer service texting

SMS customer service in 3 steps.

1. Claim your number

Get your free business phone number in under 2 minutes!

2. Display your number

Display your number on your website, contact page, social media, and marketing material.

3. Enjoy texting!

Engage with prospects more easily, retain more customers and build relationships at scale!

Customer Service Texting Video Tutorial

Customer service texting use cases

From converting more prospects to increasing returning customers.

Questions from prospects

Answer and follow up with prospects from your dashboard. Conversation threads give you access to the full history so you can continue where you left off.

Inquiries from customers

Your customers are texting you and are not worried about their place in line. You can answer them anytime by SMS on their phone!

Returning customers

Your customers know where to find you: your business is just one SMS away! They're happy to be doing more business with you!

More than SMS customer service

Chances are you are here to enable customer service texting, but Askneo is a powerful suite for making customer engagement fast and easy. Whether you are looking to convert more prospects or engage with current customers, we have designed and built Askneo specifically to help you make customer care simpler, more personal and more engaging without the need of paying thousands of dollars.

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