Increase Sales Conversions from Shopify

Get your Askneo number today, display it on Shopify, reclaim abandoned carts and boost sales through texting!

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Increase Sales from Shopify

Askneo is the most amazing and intuitive SMS platform designed for Shopify users. Send and receive text messages and image messages to and from Shopify to build trust, respond to questions related to your product or pricing, and reclaim hesitant Shopify customers. It takes literally two minutes to get started with Askneo for Shopify!

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Reclaim abandoned Shopify carts and win back customers by texting them. Text them the same day with Askneo and reclaim up to 60% abandoned carts!


Display your Askneo phone number on the Shopify checkout page to let your customers know they can text you with any questions or concerns.

Shopify Items

Show your phone number on your Shopify page under each item description to help prospects text you directly and personally.


Texting with prospects and customers is the most efficient way to increase conversions.


It takes only 2 minutes to get started with Neo for Shopify. That’s right, you can start texting with your Shopify customers in minutes!

Works everywhere

The Askneo platform works with Shopify and many more websites and social media, and on every device such as mobile and laptop.

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How to Increase Sales from Shopify

Increase Conversions from Shopify in 3 easy steps

1. Pick

Choose your desired phone number with Askneo. All area codes are available, so treat yourself!

2. Display

Display the Askneo phone number on your Shopify page, including at checkout. Show your number on your website and social media as well. Make it the main contact channel to boost ROI!

3. Engage

Engage with prospects from your Askneo dashboard, and win back abandoned purchases and other warm leads coming from the Shopify marketplace. Send a quick text with a discount and win back customers!

No credit card required

No credit card required

Why use Askneo on Shopify


Build trust, reduce cart abandonment, and make more money on Shopify with Askneo!

Build Trust

Showing your local phone number from Askneo is the best way to build trust in seconds, not minutes. Respond fast and win your Shopify customers’ trust instantly. Make sure to be personal and trustworthy, and answer questions as precisely as possible.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Let hesitant Shopify clients text you with questions, or proactively text them when you see a cart that seems lost or abandoned. Shopify clients love texting directly with the company they’re doing business with!

Stay Competitive

Displaying a phone number to text on your Shopify page gives you an edge. Askneo is a real advantage compared to your competitors. Shopify customers are 76% more willing to convert when they see an Askneo number. Make more money on Shopify with Askneo!

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"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than Boosting Sales on Shopify


Askneo is much more than a simple phone number you display on your Shopify page. Askneo allows small businesses to thrive outside of Shopify and extend the Shopify experience in a way never seen before. Automate text messages to Shopify customers, Tag customer lists coming from Shopify, and leverage the power of chatbots and SMS Keywords on Shopify with Askneo. Win the Shopify trust and make the best customer experience possible on Shopify!

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