How to Text Like Gary Vee

Text your audience like Gary Vaynerchuk! Pick a phone number and start texting your audience at scale with Askneo

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How to Text Like Gary Vee

We get it, social media became too noisy, nobody is answering your email campaigns, and now you think texting is the next big thing. We do too. With Askneo it is easy to build your audience from scratch, engage with an existing audience, or simply get an alternative phone number for your audience to text you.

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Build Audience

Whether you are building a follower base from scratch or already have a community, Askneo is the perfect tool to grow your audience fast and shine.

Engage More

Engage with your audience proactively. Don’t wait for them to see your latest post, video, or product. SMS does not wait and 99% of them get opened within 2h!

Send Reminders

Send reminders before a live session online, a webinar, or an in-person meeting. Sending reminders by SMS is 50x more efficient than email.

Send Offers

Send exclusive offers to your audience using text messaging and image messaging. With a 99% opening rate, your offers will sell out in hours, not days.

Get Feedback

Your audience and followers can reply to your texts or initiate a conversation. This is great to get feedback on posts, products, and campaigns.

Be Yourself

With 2-way SMS and MMS, you get to be yourself, and so are your followers. Spread your own vibe and discover what you are capable of!

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How to Text like Gary Vee

Text like Gary Vee in 3 easy steps

1. Pick

Sign up and pick your own phone number.

2. Show

Display your phone number on every social media platform, website, email signature, and any marketing material you currently have. Make sure to write the mention “Text me” before the number.

3. Nurture

If you already have a base, you can upload a list of existing contacts and start broadcasting some mass SMS with offers, updates, reminders and more!

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Why Texting like Gary Vaynerchuk


Be yourself, be a leader, and stay close to your audience.

Be Yourself

Spread your own vibe in your own terms. You don’t need to resemble any other social media account or anyone else. Just find your own voice and spread your word into the world by SMS! Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do!

Be a Leader

Become an authority in your field, and go beyond one-sided platforms with two-way texting. Texting like Gary Vee is the most personal and direct engagement your audience will ever experience.

Show Proximity

Proximity is the new gold. Show your audience you are close to them. No star system, no fake accounts, no BS. Just you, and them. Askneo SMS platform helps you find common ground with your audience at scale!

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"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than Texting like Gary Vee


Askneo is much more than a tool to text like Gary Vaynerchuk. It is a full suite of tools to text, segment and nurture your audience on a daily basis. Askneo is the easiest and most reliable texting software you’ll ever find.

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