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Askneo - Increase bookings & convert more

Increase sales & convert more

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Broadcast offers and tips

Askneo - Build relationships with clients

Build lasting relationships with clients

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Askneo - Develop your brand

Develop brand

1. Pick your number

Pick your local phone number with your favorite area code (US & Canada numbers only).

Kate, online marketing agency

"We are a 3-people marketing agency, and we do pretty much everything in house. We know the power of social media, lead generation, and advertising. But what Neo has to offer is next level! It allows us to personalize our clients’ experience at scale and stay personal with them."

2. Display it online

Show your business phone number on your website, social media platforms, and all marketing material. If you have a physical space as well, display it on premises such as the front desk.

Kate, online marketing agency

"Many people send questions about pricing, they want to know our rates and how much it’s gonna cost. They also want to know if we do certain things. Since they text us, we have their personal number on file, that’s the best way to follow up with them! Much more efficient and personal than email."

3. Customize your brand

Customize Neo with your own vibe to reflect your personal brand. Neo the bot is the first responder to customers who are texting you for the first time. By default, Neo asks for the texter’s name, how to help, and thank them. Asking for the texter’s name is important since Neo will automatically save this information into your CRM to save you time! Step 1: Greeting + Ask for texter’s name Step 2: Call to action  Step 3: Thank you / Keep texting if needed / Add a picture Coming soon: SMS shortcodes and full-on scripts to personalize offers even more!

Kate, online marketing agency

"Step 1: Hey it’s (XX) Marketing Agency! What is your first and last name?
Step 2: How can we assist you today?
Step 3: Ok, we will respond within 24h. Thank you."

4. Upload your list

You can add your customers and clients one by one, or upload a full list of them. Only individuals with a valid phone number will be uploaded by Neo. Make sure to send a CSV or Excel file. You can include a column for Tags if you want the segmentation to appear automatically into the Customer Directory.

Kate, online marketing agency

"We uploaded our list of clients and just made a big “Broadcast” like “Hey this is James with (XX) Marketing Agency. This is our new business phone number! So save it in your phone, and text us anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great day!"

5. Tag by segment

Tags are a powerful tool to segment your audience and keep organized. It is also a great tool to help you broadcast to certain groups of people only. You can tag contacts one by one in the Feed and Directory, or do it by group in the Directory by selecting multiple contacts first. You can create as many tags as you want, and make sure to pick a color by clicking on the little circle!

Kate, online marketing agency

"I love tags! So colorful! In marketing that’s what we call a win! Our tags: client, potential client, past client, friend, other"

6. Broadcast offers

Whether you upload a list of existing clients or wait for people to text you organically, all of your audience appear in your Customer Directory.  In the Feed, click on Broadcast. By default, the message will be sent to your entire Directory, unless you select one or several Tags.

Kate, online marketing agency

"We broadcasted a message the first time we used Neo. Some of our existing clients started answering right away, and that generated a ton of business already! We did not tag anyone before we broadcasted, we just sent a general welcome message to all!"

7. Reply

When you see the blue dot, it means there is a new message. Click on the conversation, and hit “reply”! If you have some staff and would like to collaborate on clients’ conversations, you can invite as many staff members as you want on your Neo platform. Once they accept your invitation, Neo turns automatically into a shared inbox!

Kate, online marketing agency

"It’s good that we don’t have to pay for each profile or staff member. We are a 3-people team but we are growing and are planning to hire soon. I am the one in charge of answering texts, but sometimes Omar or Steph would be better informed. So I just assign them the conversation and they answer it by themselves. Since we started using Neo we generated 20% more business consistently, and client satisfaction is definitely up as well!"