Check Text Message Status

Check SMS Status with our automated status check marks.

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Check Text Message Status

Askneo is an online text messaging service that is perfect for checking the status text messages sent and received on the platform. You can check the status 24/7. If there is no check mark, the message is still being sent. When the check mark is grey, it means that the message was sent successfully. When the check mark turns blue, the message is delivered.

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Check marks inside conversations are the most reliable way to know the status of a text message

Easy to Use

Check marks are included in every conversation. There is no need to install anything, it works online automatically!


Askneo is the most intuitive interface to know the status of any texting conversation you have with a recipient.

Works with Images

Check marks work for images and MMS as well. Askneo helps you check the status of any image sent with the service.

Works Everywhere

Text messaging status works for any plan and on every device: mobile, tablets, desktop, laptop.

More than Status Check

You can use Neo to check SMS sent on the platform, but also broadcast SMS and much more!

How to Check SMS Status

Check your text message status in 3 easy steps


1. Sign In

Connect to your Askneo account, and go to Feed


2. Click

Click on a conversation, specifically a conversation where you sent text messages


3. Check

Look for the check mark. Grey check marks indicate an SMS or MMS sent, blue check marks indicate a text or image delivered.

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Why use our online text message status check?

Get peace of mind in seconds

Peace of Mind

Senders get instant and continuous peace of mind with the check marks in every conversation you have with customers. Askneo makes it easy for senders to be in the know and see if messages were delivered properly to recipients in an instant.

Informed Decisions

Askneo keeps you informed each and every time you decide to send a mass text or reply to your audience individually. Being better informed helps you take better informed decisions. Neo helps you decide when to take the conversation offline as well.

Follow Up

Neo is the best way to follow up if a text message was delivered but the customer never replied to you. You can ask the recipient whether they got your text or not, or simply follow up on a previous message.

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

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