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Everyone Belongs

Since she was seven years old, founder and coach Karly Borden of The Public Run Club has been a runner. Her love for the sport has taken her all across the nation for a variety of 5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons. But it also led her to the difficulties of an eating disorder and exercise compulsion. While receiving treatment, she realized she had to create a new relationship with the sport she loved so much.

Her revelations lead her to form The Public Run Club. This is not your normal running club, and Karly doesn’t want it to be. With Karly, it makes no difference whether someone has been running marathons for years or is just trying it out for the first time. The club is not about measuring size and speed, but instead finding a way to run on your own terms, with personalized coaching made to help you reach your goals and a focus on reexamining everyone’s personal relationship with running.

“We’re called ‘public’ because this is a place where everyone belongs and is included”

With a business centered around communication, Karly wanted to find the best way to help her runners succeed across the world. She decided on SMS messaging, but didn’t know which platform to choose. Then she found AskNeo and hasn’t looked back.

This is how AskNeo helped Karly’s runners reach their goals and strengthen her bonds with all that trusted her.

Why AskNeo?

The Public Run Club is focused on changing the lives of all that join through running. As Karly scaled her business, she found that she couldn’t make a personal connection through her brand.

“I have reached my limit with instagram interviews. Like I don’t want to invite anyone to another instagram interview again. So I started to ask how can we build something meaningful? And AskNeo was a part of that!”

With AskNeo, Karly is enabled to be the face and voice of The Public Run Club, with features such as mailing list segmentation and interpersonal communication at scale.


With a club of over 250 members, every person does not need every broadcast from Karly. With AskNeo, she can tag everyone in her mailing list with colorful and infinitely customizable tabs. She can segment her customers however she wants; it can be based on location, goals, certain offers, or anything else!

“My mission is to make my text messages as short as possible”

The more specific the audience for a message, the shorter it can be. Karly has fully embraced this ideal, and tags every customer to make sure no one misses a message they need while also keeping it as short as possible! If she wants to send tips to those who need more intensive traditional style coaching, she can do it at the press of a button. No more searching through contact lists and trying to figure out who is part of what service!

Business Cell

With her club growing at such a fast rate, Karly was having trouble with her phone buzzing at all hours. With no separate cell phone number all her work and personal texts were going to her personal phone. Now she has a separate business phone number built for texting! With her new number, customers have a way to directly communicate with Karly, and she has a way to differentiate and organize her business and personal communication and contacts. 

Driving Accountability

Karly wants to try anything she can that leads to her runners success personally and athletically. In her trial and error period of figuring out how to do this effectively, she realized she hadn’t found any medium that was personal enough to really ensure accountability. With SMS, she knows her club members are getting the information they need. With email, there was always the chance that someone misses it and loses the tips inside. SMS open rates are at 98% in general as compared to around 20% for email. Karly felt the disparity and made sure to start operating in SMS more!

The speed of SMS is great for coaching, as people who need her help can get it near instantly! While someone might have learned behavior with their email (i.e. only check it during or after work) everyone checks their texts. Her runners are always aware of what their goals are and how The Public Run Club is helping people reach them. They can start their day reading the idea Karly is focusing on for the month while checking what they already would when they wake up, ensuring her runners are being held accountable with no extra effort!

Interpersonal Communication at Scale

Karly has runners all over the world all at different stages of their running process. The ability to turn mass broadcasted messages into one to one communication helped enable the best coaching experience possible for all her students. When she broadcasts a message through AskNeo, it is automatically put into each person’s individual conversation thread.

She can send out a message with a technique tip to everyone in her mailing list, and then each individual conversation can go from that starting point. If she wants to broadcast a message to everyone in a particular city, then everyone who receives it has a direct line to Karly!

“We spend our time running, but also as a way to look at the narratives that surround our bodies”

She’s also prone to use this ability to talk about her ideas for the month as well. The idea that her runners should be connecting from their running out to the rest of their lives is broadcast to everyone in the club by Karly. She is then able to have conversations with anyone who has questions or would like to extend these ideas forward. It is the most seamless way for Karly to get a message across to a large number of people while still being able to enable a personal connection between her brand and those that love it.

Tracking Results

While results are not everything, they are important in tracking growth and progress. A part of Karly’s coaching and runner’s personal strategies are based on results, and SMS makes it easier than ever to share them! If they’re already on your phone, great! Just copy and paste and send them to Karly! Handwritten? Take a quick picture and send it out! The easier it is for her runners to send results, the more likely they are to remember to send them to Karly.

Karly no longer has to worry about not receiving the results, and her runners can send them in a matter of seconds. The more results she has in her conversation thread, the easier it is for Karly to access the information and create better coaching programs for her club members. By using SMS to track results, Karly opens up more of her time to doing what she cares about, helping those that love her club!

The Future for The Public Run Club

The Public Run Club is already international, but it has only made Karly’s dream of expansion bigger. She hopes to continue to grow across borders everywhere, enabling women all across the globe to reexamine the relationship they have with their bodies through running. She knows the best way to do this is by making interactions within The Public Run Club as seamless as possible; and with AskNeo she has the platform to do it through SMS. Karly continues to let her personality shine through her brand, and hopes to inspire others in her position to do the same. 

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