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Built On Fresh

Iron Lion Soap is a company focused on fresh. As he grew up and started paying more attention to what he was putting on his body, founder and CEO Avi Rubin realized that most soaps were made out of ingredients that were suspect at best and harmful at their worst.

He thought people deserved better, and in 2008 he created Iron Lion Soap in Irvine California with a goal to create Earth-friendly soap. That goal has now been realized along with so much more as they carry a multitude of products in the field; all being 100% plant based using ingredients you know.

While they had grown so much already, Avi had to ask himself, how can they create an experience for their customers that is special at scale?

Here’s how AskNeo helped supercharge Iron Lion’s brand interaction and led to massive growth.

Why AskNeo?

As a soap company with a large eCommerce presence, Iron Lion Soap needed a new way to interact with consumers as transparently as they make their soaps.

“If you took a picture of just your phone, and sent it out through AskNeo it would do better then any email or DRIP campaign”

Avi saw how SMS offered an effective way to directly market and ended up being one of the first customers of AskNeo and chose AskNeo for the future due to AskNeo’s segmentation, customizable chat bot, and two way capabilities.

Customizable Chat Bot

Avi makes an effort to respond to everyone, but after 100 people, that becomes impossible. Because of this, he takes full advantage of AskNeo’s customizable Bot. His first message reads “Yoo! I am glad you decided to text us..This is brand new for us but, I think it’s way cooler + easier than anything else”. From the first text the consumer receives from Avi, they feel they are texting a friend.

“I am selfish in the most positive way possible. I don’t care what Dove or Axe is doing I care about what we’re doing and I think customers can feel that through a channel as direct as texting”

Avi also makes sure to use SMS Keywords that trigger automatic responses. So now when customers send him that word, they get an immediate answer which can include links, images, and whatever message he needs.

He uses this to send out offers, get people on different mailing lists, and alert consumers to new products. Consumers need instant replies, relevant information, and to feel a trust in the company. Iron Lion Soap achieves these goals using both automation and human-to-human engagement, producing an average 50x ROI with Askneo.

Customer Segmentation

An increasing number of customers, including Avi, requested the ability to attribute multiple colorful tags per customer, to be as granular as possible in segmenting customers. With an infinite number of tags, Avi started segmenting his customers based on multiple factors such as taste, location, or last purchase. This enables him to make sure every text going to a customer is relevant to them, making them more likely to purchase.

“I sent out an SMS campaign last night and we made $1,735 off it in 15 minutes”

Anything happening between the brand and the consumer is visible to the brand in one conversation thread; making it even easier for Avi to make sure he’s tagging his customers appropriately. Anyone at Iron Lion Soap has context quickly and efficiently by checking out tags and continuing the conversation where it was left off.

Purchasing Through SMS

Customers purchase products from Iron Lion and by texting them. They order straight through SMS. It is as simple as someone texting Avi “Can I get two bars of Mojo Soap please?” and since Iron Lion already has their name, address, and card information nothing else is needed to order. Consumers get their soap effortlessly and Avi is able to get sales instantaneously.

“The R&D box is super popular, so I decided to leverage it and send it to people on the SMS list first, and it ended up selling out from that.”

The easier it is for someone to buy the product, the more likely they are to complete the purchase. Avi emphasizes the idea of buying through SMS, advertising his phone number on his website, Shopify page, checkout page, social media profiles, and even on boxes of products he ships out. He has made it as easy as possible for his buyers to get the soap they love, and text feedback once they receive their soaps.

Brand Authenticity

Throughout the creation of Iron Lion, Avi wanted to ensure his brand was a reflection of him. As an entrepreneur who would ask “who do you shower with?” at trade shows, he knew how to connect with customers physically but had not found the right way to do that digitally. Then he found AskNeo.

“It’s about authenticity. If you trust me to put this on your skin, feel free to DM me, private message me, or text me! Everybody is texting, everyone is on their phone, and there's no learned behavior with texting.”

Once he made the switch to AskNeo, Avi never looked back saying “I never want to write another email again”. Because of AskNeo, he can now communicate directly with customers on SMS in a way that reflects his vibe. For him, SMS does not have the formal etiquette of email, and that helps him reassure “I am here for you” to his customers.

The Best Brand Experience

Creating the best brand experience goes much deeper than just interacting with the consumer in a good way. Iron Lion can handle everything through a text message, whether that be marketing, sales, customer support, and repeat sales. Avi simply gives access to his staff through the shared inbox in Askneo to provide the most seamless experience for his customers.

All a customer has to do is text Iron Lion Soap saying something like “Any update on my package?” and be immediately helped through SMS. Avi has created the most seamless relationship with his customers that he can foster. There is no barrier of communication with Askneo!

The Future

Avi has already created a company that has tons of loyal consumers who love his soaps. In addition to always growing Iron Lion’s SMS capabilities, Avi continues to push boundaries and create the best soap experience for those he cares about. He looks to find new scents and lotions that his customers will love, while making the process and all the supplies that go into it as transparent as possible.

“Every time my customers use my soaps in their shower, I know they think of me” (find actual quote!)

Want to Hear More?

Avi was nice enough to sit down with CEO of AskNeo Lio Slama and talk all things Iron Lion and SMS. You can hear their conversations about brand integrity, cutting out the middleman through SMS, and the love people have for a customizable chat bot all on AskNeo’s Youtube channel! Just look up on Youtube; we can’t wait to see you there!
Make sure to find your forever soap at and make sure to text them at (323)746-0998!

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