Customize Bot Script

Spread your vibe by customizing Neo the bot script so your audience feels the positivity of your brand.

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Customize Neo the Bot Script

Neo the bot is the first responder when it comes to unknown phone numbers texting your company. When you display your phone number online, prospects will start texting you. That’s when Neo the bot will start responding instantly 24/7. The script is fully customizable, making Neo the most awesome way to spread your vibe and build your branding at first contact!

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Askneo is a no-code solution that helps you program SMS chatbots in seconds.

On Social Media

Prospects love texting from Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, so make sure to provide them with an instant reply!

On Website

Prospect and buyers checking out your website will try to text you, so replying with an automated message is a great first responder!

Works Everywhere

Neo the bot works on any device, Android, iOs and any online texting app.


Neo the bot gets triggered automatically for all numbers not saved yet into your Neo CRM.

Any Brand

You can create any script for your bot, and cheer your texters the way you want.

How to Customize Neo the Bot

Customize your SMS Chat Bot in 3 easy steps


1. Step 1 / Ask for Name

“Hey this is Lio with I’m super excited to meet you! What’s your first and last name?” The texters’ names get saved automatically into your Neo CRM, so make sure to ask for their name!

2. Step 2 / Call to Action

“How can I help you today?” Ask customers any question, it could be general or specific to your organization. You can provide them with some relevant information as well.

3. Step 3 / Thank You

“Thank you! I will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime, feel free to keep texting. You can also send an image if needed!” This is the step to provide complimentary information, and then don’t forget to save your customizations!

No credit card required

No credit card required

Why leverage Neo the Bot Script

Show your core values, spread your vibe, save time

Spread your Vibe

Introduce yourself and your brand personally, using your own words. Askneo allows you to show your core values, shine and spread positive vibes to your prospects and customers. An automated response can feel authentic if you customize it genuinely.

Give Instant Relief

Your audience is expecting instant replies, so don’t make them wait for you to reply manually. Using a customizable chat bot by text message is the best way to capture and maintain a customer’s attention. First contact is like a first impression: make it feel personal and genuine with Neo.

Save Time

With Askneo, you don’t have to stay behind your computer 24/7 and respond to every email, chat, or text message. Neo saves you time by replying to your texters automatically, so you can take over manually at your own pace. Neo can reply to thousands of people at the same time for you.

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than an SMS Chat Bot


Neo the Bot is not just a customizable text messaging chat bot. Neo is part of Askneo, an entire software dedicated to helping you text with prospects, customers, and any audience. With Neo the bot saves your texters’ name and phone number automatically into your Smart CRM, saving you a ton of time and keeping you organized at all times. Askneo helps you broadcast messages, send and receive images by text, program SMS Keywords to leverage automated replies even further, and much more!

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