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Why Neo

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Increase sales & convert more

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Send coupons and limited offers

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Build lasting relationships with customers

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Increase number of returning customers

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Develop brand

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How to get started with Neo in 7 easy steps:

1. Pick your number
Pick your local phone number with your favorite area code (US & Canada numbers only).

Avi, Soap company

"I picked a California number since we are in Orange County. I still can’t believe how many chemicals people put on their skin every day. Our soap is locally made, made with only non-chemical ingredients, and the packaging is 100% renewable and biodegradable."
2. Display it online
Show your business phone number on your website, social media platforms, and all marketing material. If you have a physical space as well, display it on premises such as the front desk.

Avi, Soap company

"I get questions from people about the type of soap we have. Or they would send a photo of a soap and ask what type it is, because they saw it at their friend but their friend doesn’t remember the name of that particular soap haha!"
3. Customize your brand
Customize Neo with your own vibe to reflect your personal brand. Neo the bot is the first responder to customers who are texting you for the first time. By default, Neo asks for the texter’s name, how to help, and thank them. Asking for the texter’s name is important since Neo will automatically save this information into your CRM to save you time! Step 1: Greeting + Ask for texter’s name Step 2: Call to action  Step 3: Thank you / Keep texting if needed / Add a picture Coming soon: SMS shortcodes and full-on scripts to personalize offers even more!

Avi, Soap company

"Step 1: Hey it’s Avi, I’m super excited to meet you, what’s your name?
Step 2: Great! Here is 20% OFF on the whole site with code XX. How can I help you today?
Step 3: Ok! I’ll get back to you ASAP! Feel free to send photos if needed!"
4. Upload your list
You can add your customers and clients one by one, or upload a full list of them. Only individuals with a valid phone number will be uploaded by Neo. Make sure to send a CSV or Excel file. You can include a column for Tags if you want the segmentation to appear automatically into the Customer Directory.

Avi, Soap company

"I regularly upload new lists of customers and they just keep adding up in the CRM! I do that because I use different sites for eCommerce so Neo helps me consolidate everyone in a single place."
5. Tag by segment
Tags are a powerful tool to segment your audience and keep organized. It is also a great tool to help you broadcast to certain groups of people only. You can tag contacts one by one in the Feed and Directory, or do it by group in the Directory by selecting multiple contacts first. You can create as many tags as you want, and make sure to pick a color by clicking on the little circle!

Avi, Soap company

"I tag my customers by sales cycle: Lead, Qualified, Abandoned Cart, Customer, Repeat Customer, LTNS (Long Time No See, for people who haven’t purchased soap in a while lol). I use yellow, orange, red, blue, green and grey."
6. Broadcast offers
Whether you upload a list of existing clients or wait for people to text you organically, all of your audience appear in your Customer Directory.  In the Feed, click on Broadcast. By default, the message will be sent to your entire Directory, unless you select one or several Tags.

Avi, Soap Company

"I love broadcasting offers! I do it once a week and for special occasions. Last week, we sent a text to 200 people advertising a package offer. The package was sold out in 12 minutes. Unreal!"
7. Reply
When you see the blue dot, it means there is a new message. Click on the conversation, and hit “reply”!

Avi, Soap company

"I have a big audience on Instagram and Facebook, so people keep texting me about the types of soap we have, offers and pricing. They know that if they text I’m always gonna send them some love and a discount hehe! It builds lasting relationships. I f*!/ing love Neo!"