Local Business Phone Number

Pick your local business phone number to text with customers. Self-service choice by area code and geography.

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Local Business Phone Number

Reflecting your brand and building brand equity has never been easier with Askneo. With our self-service software, it takes seconds to pick your own phone number based on country and area code. Whether you offer products and services locally or nationally, we know how important it is for you to show where your company comes from. With Askneo, you can look up a texting phone number by area code to reflect your community by state, province, county, city, or neighborhood!

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Enter any desired area code such as 714 for Orange County CA, 248 for Pontiac MI, 646 for Manhattan NY, and show texters how personal and direct you are with them.


Authenticity starts with a business phone number that reflects where you are located. Prospects and customers love knowing where you are based on your phone number!


Askneo helps you find and choose the best phone number for your business. Type any area code at checkout and pick your favorite number!

Takes 2min

It takes under 2 minutes to sign up for a free trial and immediately pick your favorite phone number with our self-service software.


99% of area codes are available at any time. New York City phone numbers might be tougher to get, but you can always change the number after signing up!


There are 357 geographic area codes available with +1 numbers, with 317 codes for the United States and 40 for Canada. All are available through Askneo

How to Pick your Local Phone Number

Get a local business phone number in 3 easy steps


1. Sign Up

Sign up for your Askneo account with a free trial. After entering basic information about you and your business, the self-service process will ask you to pick your phone number :)

2. Type Area Code

Type the 3 numbers of any desired area code in the US or Canada, and see what’s available. Select your favorite phone number and that’s it! If a geographic code is not available at signing up, you can pick any number and ask us to change it later. Area codes that are tough to find such as New York City get usually available within days on a rolling basis.

3. Display

Display the phone number on the Hero sections of your website, social media platforms, products, servies, and all marketing material. Display it in banners, footers, and buttons. Display it at checkout to fight against cart abandonment.

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No credit card required

Why use a local business phone number

Authenticity, efficiency and privacy at your fingertips

Personal Sales

Build personal and lasting customer relationships with prospects and buyers thanks to the Askneo local phone number. Send and receive texts and images in minutes to boost sales!

Cart Abandonment

Fight against cart abandonment by showing a text phone number sitewide and at checkout. Increase conversions from any marketing channel by helping prospects text your local phone number.


Stop giving away your personal phone number. Get as many phone numbers as you need for you and your organization. Keep your personal number private to preserve your personal life when working remotely.

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than a local business phone number


Picking a local business phone number to text with your audience is just the starting point to building brand equity with your Askneo. Neo allows you to send mass text messages in minutes, reply to customers one by one, send and receive images, leverage a smart CRM, an SMS chat bot, shared inbox, and much more! Askneo is made for small businesses and emerging brands that truly care about their audience.

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