Send and Receive MMS with Customers

Exchange any image using our MMS tool online to send offers to prospects, receive pictures from customers and more.

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Exchange MMS with Customers

Askneo makes it easy to send and receive pictures with your audience by text message, also called MMS. From the Askneo dashboard, send bulk MMS that transform instantly into individual conversations. Your audience can reply by text or MMS as well. Askneo is really perfect to send visual offers by MMS and receive pictures from your audience.

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Multimedia Messaging Service is one of the most reliable technologies in the world. It can leverage wifi, mobile data or simply the good old GSM network.


Send as many pictures, photos, screenshots, illustrations and visuals you want using text messaging with Askneo! There is no limit to your imagination!

Two-Way Pictures

Sending a Bulk MMS to certain groups of contacts or to one particular person is great, but allowing your audience to answer instantly with text and images is just amazing.

Easy to use

Sending an image via text message has never been so intuitive. We use a dedicated tracking system to let you know if some MMS were not delivered and why.

Keep control

Keep control of what you spend. Askneo is super transparent and makes it easy to track your usage all in one place. You only pay for MMS sent successfully!


You can send entire campaigns with rich text and multimedia messaging with Askneo. Let your imagination run wild and get the best results!

How to Use our Image Messaging Platform

Send and receive MMS in 3 easy steps


1. Prepare

Prepare your image. We recommend images under 1mb and 600x800 pixels, because the smallest your image size, the fastest it is processed by carriers and received by your recipients. Make the presentation mobile-friendly!

2. Send

Select one contact, or use the Broadcast tool to send to certain Tagged groups, or your entire audience. Add some text and links if you’d like, or send the image only. Click Send, and that’s it!

3. Reply

You can expect a 99% opening rate of your MMS after less than 24h. Depending on how many people you’re sending the image, you will get a ton of replies! So make sure to reply individually and personally to questions. Be there for your audience and convert more!

No credit card required

No credit card required

Why use our MMS marketing tool

Send offers, simplify your product marketing, and delight your customers.

Send Offers

Send visual offers by sending a bulk MMS. You can include a photo of your product, a screenshot of your platform, or even a picture of a specific offering and messaging. Being human is being visual :)

Simplify Product

Sending and receiving pictures by text is the best way to sell a complex product. No need to be a designer! Just take a pic or screenshot, add a title, and send! You’ll be amazed by the results with Askneo.

Delight Customers

Customers can send a picture instead of trying to describe a complex and imprecise element. Make it easy for your audience to communicate with you. A photo is worth a thousand words!

More than an MMS marketing tool


Askneo goes way beyond a simple MMS marketing tool. With Neo, your marketing campaigns and the way you engage with customers will change forever. Neo the bot and the smart CRM will help you save time. SMS Keywords and scripts will help you program automatic replies so you can answer customers 24/7 even when you’re asleep. SMS Broadcast and Two-Way texting will help you become more direct and more personal with your audience. Askneo helps you grow your business by giving you the tools to grow on a personal level.

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

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