Display Unread Text Messages

Sort out active vs. inactive text message conversation with Askneo. Focus on active replies and engaged customers in seconds.

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Display Only Unread SMS

With Askneo. You can see when new text messages come into your inbox thanks to the blue dot. You can also click on the toggle button to only display Unread messages. It is a great way to sort out active conversations from inactive ones, especially after sending a mass text to thousands of customers who reply to your text at the same time.

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The toggle makes it easy to display only unread messages in seconds with Askneo. Just activate the toggle on the Feed and that’s it!

Show Unread

Showing unread messages only is the best way to quickly sort out active conversations. It gives you peace of mind and keeps you organized in your sales cycle.

Blue Dot

The blue dot is a real-time marker of a new incoming message visible on the Askneo Feed. No need to refresh the page, Neo does it for you every 5 seconds.

Real-Time Separator

The separator is a visual line making it easy to differentiate old versus new text messages inside a text message conversation thread on Askneo in real time.


After sending a mass text with Askneo, you’ll see replies coming in while your messages are still getting sent. Activate the unread toggle to display replies only!

Works everywhere

The toggle, blue dots and separators are compatible with every device and platform such as laptop, desktop, iOs, Android and more.

How to Show Unread SMS and MMS

Display unread messages in 3 easy steps


1. Look

Look out for the blue dot in the Feed! Any blue dot means a new incoming message, whether for existing or new customers conversations!

2. Activate

Activate the “Show Unread” toggle on the top right corner of your Feed. This is especially useful while sending a bulk text message to your audience, so you can focus on the people actively replying while the rest of your Broadcast is being sent.

3. Relax

What if a customer responds to your text while you are inside a conversation thread? No worries! A line separator will automatically and clearly differentiate old and new messages for you. Neo will also display a “show unread” button in the thread, so if you don’t click on it and go back to the Feed, the blue dot will then show up. See? We got you covered!

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No credit card required

Why display unread messages only

React fast, focus, and get peace of mind.

React Fast

Unread messages markers such as the blue dot, the toggle, and the line separator are all happening in real time. So you can react immediately when a customer texts you back. The quicker you respond, the faster you’ll make a sale. People love fast replies!


We know it can be frustrating to sort through hundreds or thousands of SMS conversations, especially after sending a big bulk SMS. Askneo helps you focus your time and energy on active conversations only, so you can focus on growing your business.

Peace of Mind

Step back and relax: Neo got you covered. Our entire customer base has reported 100% response rate to their incoming messages on Askneo. Our online software is designed to help you relax and get the peace of mind you need to spread good vibes.

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than displaying unread text messages

You cannot reduce Askneo to some blue dots and a toggle. More than active conversation threads, Neo offers tens of tools to help you text SMS and MMS to and from your audience. Askneo helps you automate some of your text messaging tasks and SMS marketing campaigns, and much more. Neo is the best platform for business owners and emerging brands who truly care about people, and want to have a positive impact on their community.

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