The smart CRM is the first of its kind: Neo saves your texters’ name and phone number automatically by SMS into the CMS so you can save time and relax. Save all your contacts online automatically and manually with the most intelligent CRM on the market.

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Add contacts one by one or upload lists of contacts in minutes into the Smart CRM. Let Neo help you save time by recording the names and phone numbers of every new person texting your number automatically. The Neo CRM is the only Customer Relationship Manager on the market saving people’s names and numbers automatically by text message. The Neo Customer Management System includes first and last name, phone number, email, tags and more. Customer Relationship Management has never been easier with the Neo SMS CRM!

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The Neo CRM saves any incoming phone number who texts your number, and records the name of texters after they reply to Neo the bot. AI helps you save time!


Askneo helps you save time and stay on top of your sales process with the most intelligent SMS CRM on the market. Artificial Intelligence helps you stay organized!

Keep Control

The Neo CRM allows you to confirm and edit all incoming contacts before they get added officially to your directory, so you keep control on who’s texting you at all times.

Bulk Lists

Upload hundreds or thousands of contacts in one or several lists into the CMS. Include names, phone numbers, tags, and more.


Incoming texters’ phone numbers appear instantly in your Feed and Customer CRM.


You can edit your contacts information at any time into the CMS. Edit names, phone numbers, emails, tags and more!

How to Use the Smart CRM

Smart SMS CRM in 3 easy steps


1. Customize

You can customize Neo the Bot with your own vibe, but that’s not required.

2. Display

Display your Neo phone number in the Hero sections of your website, social media platforms, on your products, and all marketing material with a mention like “Text us for any questions! + your number”

3. Enjoy

Check your Feed and Customer CRM from time to time and enjoy the magic of the smart CRM!

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Why use our smart SMS CRM

The most awesome CRM by text message

Super Powerful

Have you ever seen an SMS chat bot that saves your prospects contact info automatically, and allows you to follow up with all of the information in hands in just seconds? Neo is the most powerful and intelligent CRM.

Saves Time

Askneo CRM saves you a ton of time, up to a few hours a day! No need for any marketing skills, no more spending hours trying to match phone numbers, names, emails.


Our Customer Relationship Management is so easy to use, you’ll be growing your customer base in no time. Keep track of your audience and their desires. Neo is the only CRM you’ll ever need.

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than a smart SMS CRM

There’s so much more you can do with Askneo than leveraging the power of the smart CRM and CMS. You can use other automation tools like SMS Keywords, Neo the Bot, or other organization tools like Tags, Filters, and Assigning conversations. Askneo is a full online suite of text messaging tools that work on any device like laptop, desktop, mobile, tablets. Here are a few more tools you might find useful.

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Still have questions?

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