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Send bulk SMS and mass text messages including images to increase sales and get 200X ROI with Askneo.

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From Bulk SMS to One-on-One Conversations

If you are looking to increase sales for the holiday season and boost your ROI, you’ve come to the right place. SMS Marketing is the best channel to increase conversions and fight against cart abandonment. Broadcasting a mass text messaging campaign to your customers will serve as a starting point in your sales cycle. SMS marketing campaigns are the best ice breaker to boost sales for holidays and special occasions!

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Mass to 1:1

Askneo helps you send thousands of messages with the best bulk SMS tool, and transform your marketing campaign into one-on-one conversations.

Thousands SMS

Send thousands of text messages and MMS images at once with the Askneo Broadcast tool.


SMS feels personal, especially if you introduce yourself personally and write a genuine message to your customers!


Before sending a mass text to customers, make sure to segment your audience by group with Tags so the offer you send feels authentic.


Right after you send your SMS marketing campaigns, customers will start responding to you by text with questions.

Unread Toggle

The Unread button helps you sort out conversations that have a new replies, so you can focus on active sales only

How to Send a Text Marketing Campaign

Broadcast a mass text message in 3 easy steps


1. Upload

Upload a customer list using an Excel Sheet with Name and Phone Number. You can also add Tags if you want to segment your audience before uploading your contact list and broadcasting them a mass text message.

2. Broadcast

Click on Broadcast on the top left corner of your Feed. Pick the Tags that are relevant or send to all by default. Compose your text message, add an image if needed, and click Send.

3. Reply

Broadcasting thousands of SMS at once can take up to a few hours for safety and anti-spam reasons. Active the “Show unread” toggle on the top right of your Feed, and focus on responding to active customer conversations!

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No credit card required

Why use our Bulk SMS Tool

Send offers, spread good vibes, and boost your sales!

Send Offers

Holiday season and special occasions are the best times to send bulk SMS and start conversations with prospects and customers. Neo is the best conversation starter!

Boost ROI

Boost your Sales returns 200X with Neo. Reply to every customer’s question one by one, and for every dollar invested with Neo you could easily make $200!

Spread Good Vibes

Texting your customers genuinely feels personal and authentic. When they reply to your mass text, they are testing your business. Replying to them within 24h brings the best chances of converting or upselling them!

"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More than SMS Marketing


Askneo is much more than a bulk text marketing tool. Askneo is a full suite of tools designed to help you save time with automation tools such as Neo the Bot and SMS Keywords. Askneo keeps you organized with the first Smart CRM by SMS, colorful Tags, and easy customer list uploading. Askneo helps you convert more sales and increase your sales ROI by engaging with customers in the most direct and genuine way.

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