Two-Way Texting

Exchange text messages with customers online. Send SMS to customers to start conversations.

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Exchange SMS with Customers Online

Askneo is a powerful text messaging platform that is perfect for sending and receiving SMS from customers and prospects. Each customer is associated with their unique phone number and a single conversation thread, so it’s fast to look into the conversation history and super easy to reply.

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Unique Threads

One conversation thread per contact number. Send, receive and automate text messaging all in one thread!

Works everywhere

Sending and receiving text messages (SMS) and image messages (MMS) with Askneo works on smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptops.

Easy to use

Send a text or a mass message, and get replies instantly. Texting with prospects and customers is the easiest way to boost sales!


Askneo gives you tools to automate some of your repetitive replies with SMS Keywords and even a bot.


Askneo helps you transform a mass text into one-on-one conversations instantly!

Best open rate

SMS has a 99% open rate, which makes it the best channel to engage with prospects and customers.

How to Use our 2-Way Text Messaging Platform

Send and receive SMS and MMS in 3 easy steps


1. Upload

Upload your contact list in minutes and click on Broadcast to text your entire audience, pick certain tags to text some specific segments, or click on “send message” to text contacts one by one.

2. Display

Display your business phone number on your website and social media so prospects can text you questions. Show the number on the checkout page to reduce cart abandonment.

3. Enjoy!

Experience the best returns when you text with customers. Two-way texting is the best way to build trust and spread authenticity to your customers.

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No credit card required

Why use our two-way texting online app

Good vibes, efficiency and ROI.

Here For You

Allowing your customers to text you is the best way to say “I’m here for you”. Make it personal and authentic. Spread good vibes and positivity!


It takes less than 2min to get Askneo up and running. After broadcasting a text, you’ll start getting results in minutes. Askneo is the most efficient way to drive sales!


Most of Askneo customers see a 10x to 50x ROI within 2-3 weeks of using the platform. Some get 200x ROI within days. We can help you optimize your ROI with tips and best practices.

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"I’ve been using Neo a ton and it’s crushing. We literally made $1,735 off organic conversations in a day. Unreal."

Avi Rubin, CEO & Founder of Iron Lion Soap

More Than a 2-way Texting Software


If you’re looking for a super simple texting software to text with your audience, you came to the right place. But Askneo is not just an SMS software, it is a complete set of tools designed to help you grow your audience with a dedicated business phone number, automate mundane tasks with our smart CRM, SMS chatbot and SMS Keywords, grow your business by showing your number online and send mass texts with Bulk SMS and Tags, and much more!

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